Telemetry module

Hi all, I’m new and i want know if for connect the drone to Ground control station (GCS) i need a telemetry module, and if this is compatible with navio2

worahroe per 3DR 500MW Radio Telemetry 433MHz / 915MHz Modulo 915MHz Radio Radio di Trasmissione di Dati Aria/Terra per FPV

Can i connect the mission planner via wifi? so in the navio2 config i put the TELEM1=“-A udp:” where is the local ip of my pc when the mission planner is installed?
i try to connect but it is failed

Hi Fabio,

I see that it supports connection via UART. So, you can connect it to Navio2. It should work with it fine.

Sure, you can connect to GCS via a wireless connection. It can be TCP or UDP. You can find more information in this Navio2 guide.

Yes, your configuration looks right. Usually, the connection can fail because the port is occupied or the configurational file isn’t reloaded after the changes. You can try changing the port to 14551, for example. Then, make sure you run sudo systemctl daemon-reload and sudo systemctl start arducopter.

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