Telemetry for navio2

Hi guys!

I need help… Could you say me what TELEMETRY PACK can I use with my NAVIO 2, because I don’t find much information about it. Can you help me?

there are a lot of ways;
you can use onboard wifi for low to mid or even long range; (eg with a yagi antenna and an antenna tracker you could increase distance while staying within allowed transmitter power)
you can use 433/900/868mhz radios (cheap or not so cheap 3dr’s, or more expensive rfd900’s )
(on aliexpress you will find 3dr radios 433mhz for about 18eur (pair) and rfd900 radios are about 190eur (pair)!
with a distance from a few 100meters (cheap 3dr) to around 3km range (rfd900);
pick the frequency and power according to your countrie’s law!
for rfd900 you will need an additional serial adapter to usb for your pc, for 3dr you often get one usb and with serial connector!

and also you can use a 3g/lte stick for telemetry!

Can I use these for Hobby King?
– 433 MHz

– 915 MHz

Or these in gearbest?
– 433 MHz

Are these supported?
Which are better?

all of them work;
in europe 433mhz with 10mw is legal (900mhz is GSM),
US is 900mhz

the ones from hobbyking come in handy when you plug them in your tablet or phone (android devices), for your pc you need an additional serial converter!
the ones from gearbest work too and you don’t need an additional serial converter for your pc!

You do not need any additional hardware. The hobbyking telemetry modules as well as the 3dr v2 come with micro-usb and ttl uart connector. They work with USB host devices like PCs or smartphones with otg feature via the micro-usb port and with microcontrollers via the uart connector.

sebastian is right; description on hobbykings says so…you don’t need an additional serial adapter for the hobbyking ones;

so you might stick with 3dr v2 ones

Thanks, These answers have been helpful!
Other question… How can I know what are allowed frequencies in my country? I’m in Colombia…

This seems to be the goverment organisation responsible for frequency regulation:

and a collected regulations doc for multiple countries (not sure if that list is correct)