Telemetry for Navio2 et ST16 Yunnec Ardupilot

hello to all, thank you for doing open source developments if you don’t exist I couldn’t get so far in my new project with Arducopter and Navio2, I’m almost done but I miss the telemetry part of mavlink to controller yuneec ST16 (VOLTS,GPS,SAT,POS,ALT,G-SPD,DIS), I’m not really a good programmer and it troubles me a lot, I don’t know if your team could help me finish my project, I know that there is a way to receive ST24 by UART communication and I used an ESP8266MOD converter to PPM from the SR24 receiver to Navio2 for the 12 channels, how could we do for the telemetry… thank you for your help much appreciated

Hi @Jack1383,

It’s great to hear that you’re using Navio2 for your project!

We don’t have a ready solution for your task so I can hardly be of much help with the exact code lines or configuration. But I believe that you may find some useful tips on the ArduPilot forum since a lot of users there work with custom setups.

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