Telemetry data on Taranis x9d Plus

Hello, I am currently working on a drone project. Here is my setup:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • NavIO 2
  • Receiver: frsky R-XSR
  • Remote: Taranis x9d Plus (RC)

In the following the circuit diagram is displayed:

The RC is bound with the frsky receiver. For that the RC holds the profile “drone”. I thought this receiver would be enough to receive telemetry data like voltage of battery from NavIO2. But I think I figured out that I need a telemetry modem like described here. The question is if I get one of these telemetry modems, am I able to receive this data on the RC under the “drone” profile or do I have configure a new one for the telemetry modem?

Because I only need the voltage of the battery, I can also use the sensor of the power module, right? But how would I receive this data via my RC?

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