Telemetry data but no params

I just installed a brand new navio 2 with last raspian image on a Pi4
if im joining the pi trought a wifi networks and setting the /etc/default/arduplane config to the ip of GCS it works ok
but if I’m joining the pi trought a zerotier VPN on gcs I get data ok (attitude etc) but I cant get the parameters I’ve try QGC mission planner and mavproxy … I’m a bit confused because I’m using this vpn every day with a standard pixhawk cube connected to a standard pi with a mavlink-router and it works realy good
… do you have any idea ? thank’s for any help

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your patience!

The difficulties with the VPN connection may be caused by the VPN and firewall settings of your PC. I’m afraid I can’t be of much help with it. I’d suggest checking the parameters of your VPN service and IP address in the network.

Hi Olivier,

I also have a VPN and did have issues with UDP. After changing to a TCP connection it worked fine. (Suspect the way data is tunneled through a VPN requires a full data protocol and not just the limited protocol of UDP ,…that’s my theory anyway.)
Hope this helps.

thank’s all I will work on that this week end
the strange thing is that I’m using this vpn setup (with same configuration) with a pixhawk and a pi with mavrouter or mavproxy and it works with no issues :frowning:

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