Telem to 2 x UDP addresses

Is it possible to have telem 1 and 2 as -A… and -A… ?


You can do it like this:
-A udp: -C udp: or -A udp: -D udp:

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Thank you very much Ivan :slight_smile:

Hello Ivan. I tried that and I can not connect if there are 2 UDP addresses in the file

Hi, Barry.

Could you please post what is in your file?
Did you reload configurations with sudo systemctl daemon-reload after the file was changed?

Let me try that one more time and I will let you know

There you go. Did this and did daemon reload. If it is like this i can not connect on any of those addresses

Could you please post output of sudo systemctl status arducopter.service ?

There you go

It seems that you mixed up the pictures and posted the same pic twice.

Oops. Sorry I’ll upload the correct file

You can close this thread. Seems to be working. :-).

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