What is needed to get data by tcp

Hi Gosai,

What do you mean by getting data?
Do you want to download logs/survey projects?
Or are you going to output Reach position in real-time?

Receive correction via tcp instead of lora radio

Hi @grakeshgiri,

You need to connect both Reach units to one Wi-Fi network for it.
Please, don’t use Reach own hotspot, as its range isn’t very large.

Then you need:

  1. Open Base mode tab on the base unit
  2. Choose TCP option
  3. Configure it as a server, enter “localhost” in the address field and port number (for example, 9000)
  4. Hit Apply
  5. Open Correction input tab on the rover unit
  6. Choose TCP option
  7. Configure it as a client, enter the IP address of the base unit in the address field and the same port
  8. Choose RTCM3 format of correction messages
  9. Hit Apply

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