TBS DiscoveryPro Top Cover

I made a top cover for the TBS DiscoPro so that my Navio2 will be protected a bit and also it provide a nice inset for a typical folding gps stand.
STL provided in zip file for your use, enjoy.

TBS_DISCOPRO-Top.STL.zip (671.5 KB)

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I’ve added a front mount for video transmitter.

TBS_Pro_Canopy_Vidxmt.STL.zip (1.3 MB)

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Looks very professional! Can’t wait to see the printed one…

Granted, right now i have a pixhawk inside, will be replaced this weekend!


Looks terrific!

I’ve just made a new bottom to the vibration mount specifically for the TBS DiscoPro.

VibroNavio2DiscoPro.zip (655.8 KB)


Pure awesome! Can’t wait to get my 3d printer.