TBOne - High End

I’m back after 2 years with a new project (TBOne)
The goal is a long flight time, with Thermal Camera, and GPS high precision

Setup HW:
Motor : T-Motors - U5 400Kv
ESCs : T-Motors - 40a Air
Battery : tattu-10.000mah-6s
Board : Navio2
Propeler : T-Motors - 15pol
GPS : Internal + reach-rtk-kit (Base and Hover) with GPS injection.
Frame : Custom Made with Carbon 3k - TBOne and Pegasus for Tests (Test Frame)
915mhz Radios (conection Mission Planner -> Drone)
4G connection with TLIT using NoIp
Camera : FLIR Thermal

Setup SW:
SO : latest version (SD image)
Arducopter : 3.5.5
Custom plug in Mission Planner to control Camera recording and Photos (regular and thermal)
UV4L – Server for streaming

Project Status in 02/27/2018:
Everything is assembled in my test Frame. (Pegasus)
After the tests I will change for the new frame (TBOne)

Video in test Frame with Eletronics


Video testing only the new Frame



Photos TBOne


My Weekend tests, really amazing… /LOCKED in the air.

Reach RTK - on the ground using Wi-Fi to connect with Laptop with my laptop with Mission Planner sending GPS corrections through 915mhz radios to the drone.

Really fantastic…. Congratulations to EMLID.

Next Steps : Finish the final Frame, and move the electronics to the new one.


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