Tarot Peeper Build

New Tarot Peeper build with Navio 2.

First flight 35min Auto-tune in +20kph winds with 10k mAh Battery. Battery capacity 100% to 28%.

Alt Hold sketchy but logs show Baro alt all over the place (foam covered, better cover fabricated for next flight). Carbon rod landing leg fell out at start of 2nd flight so out of action until I can fabricate a replacement but really happy with it so far.

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Sketchy Alt hold log

Hi Mal_Dowling

I have a tarot peeper and it experience high vibration during the flight. Do you have any solution for this problem?

Sorry for the late reply

Just make sure your props are well balanced and everything is tight. The frame is prone to vibration and the large props and low kV motors don’t help.

I haven’t flown mine in a while but have been toying with the idea of replacing the plastic ends on the arms with machined alloy units but need to get my CNC Mill set up again first. Stiffer fixtures may even make the vibe issues worse but won’t know for sure till I try it.