Tallysman Cable Shortening

Does anyone have any advice on how to shorten the cable to clean up an installation? Work in my H520 integration and I only need about 6-8 inches of it.

Here’s a toob of installing an MCX connector (didn’t watch it), but that’s what you’d have to do:

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Thanks @bide. I’ll check it out and see if it’s worth the risk.

Not sure exactly what connector the antenna cable has… Or the size of the cable used… But its just a coax so just snip and add a new tip.

I have purchased plenty of tips at local radio communication shops or even ebay/aliExpress.

It is alot easier to do with the right cable striping tools but can be done with general diy tools too…

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In agreement with @DetritalGeo I’m going to hijack a little bit here @chascoadmin to get the point across for others…

Yep, most of us know you have to do a proper job, but if anyone has ideas of cutting a chunk out of the middle and splicing the cable back together - DON’T DO IT. Your SNR and ultimately your survey results depend on the best connection possible. That means maintaining the coaxial form where the outer shielding stays a certain distance from the center conductor, and that also means only use proper connectors. No twisting the wires together and binding with electricians tape! LOL.


proper_MCX_male_connector finished_MCX_male_connection

That is a great disclaimer. Do these look correct? I’m not sure what cable the Tallysman has.

Yootop 10Pcs MCX Male Plug Straight Crimp RF Adapter Connector for RG179 Cable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CTCDNVL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_gANQCbX3M5QT7

:rofl: I wanted to make sure I wasn’t pointing any fingers at you with my comments :smile:

It’s hard to verify which cable is used. My Tallysman TW4721 antennas do not have any cable markings.

Here’s one spec for the RG179 that goes with the connectors you found:


They say an insulation diameter of 2.54mm which compares pretty closely with a school-ruler comparison to the coax on my antennas. I’m not going to chop mine to verify the internal specs though :scissors:

Wow, i would never think to splice that way…

Always a new tip. They are a few bucks for a bag of 10.

I will take some trial and error to get the shielding trimming correct to optimize the fit in the new connector. A good crimper is essential for a reliable cable.

Alternativley, if you happen to live close to a radio/communication shop, they can often make custom cables and can do this task for you very quickly…

Do you have a photo of the current tip?

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Of course. Good advice there. :+1:

People who have not dealt with RF cables before usually are thinking that you hook up + and - or Hot and Neutral and you’re good to go, right? I’d hate for anyone to mess up their antenna for lack of a little knowledge…

Photos from the Emlid store:

Yeah, the push in type looks like MCX. I assume it is the male with the pin at the core.

I think i used RG316 cable in the past… Many types though as some are stiff and some are more flexible.

The link above should work. These may as well:

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