Tablet Recommendations

I am looking for smaller tablet (7-8") to use as the data collector for the Reach RS unit. I am hoping to find a daylight readable unit, with good battery life (+8 hours) and preferably at a cost under $350 USD. I teach an undergraduate survey course to engineering students and am hoping to use the Reach RS in my field school.
Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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Hi Doug,

Heard some good things about Galaxy rugged tablets like this one, but it is over your budget and looks like they do not make them any more :slight_smile:

Maybe an iPad?

Thanks Igor.
I had seen some good things about rugged tablets, but when I would look for them, they seemed to be discontinued. I may try some of the drone forums. I know they use hoods. For the RTK, you would still need to have access to the screen.

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