T-REX 450 navio 2 compatibility

Goodevening to everyone,

I’m an hobbiest and i’m going to install on my t-rex 450 a NAVIO2 board, but reading in other forums no one talks about helicopters but only about quadcopters. Is my helicopter t-rex 450 compatible with the NAVIO2 board? Could someone please send me a link about this topic.

Thank you for your attention.

Mirko De Nunzio

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There is a APM version for traditional helicopters.
A 450er heli is really small, where do you plan to put the RPi/Navio combo?
Even on a 250er racequad, you have more room to put things.

I Can put the combo on the bottom side between the landing sky and the frame helicopter.

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I will be following your progress on this. I am also very interested in utilizing navio on trad helis.

+1 Very interesting to see a heli build with Navio2.

This should be interesting, planning to do this on a Trex 700. :smiley:

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