System Report and Settings via RS232 Port


I believe that I have seen some requests about an API for the Reach devices with the comments that this might be in the works. So my guess that the answer to my following questions will presently be “no” but I will ask anyway in the hope that one day it might be a “yes”.

  1. Is it / would it be possible via the RS232 port to pause the position output stream of messages (eg NMEA) and download a copy of the Simple System Report? Or poll for particular subsets of settings, eg position_output, base_corrections, and position_output.
    This would be helpful to record the settings against the data collected.
  2. Is it / would it be possible via the RS232 port to send command(s) that could modify these same settings. This could be used to ensure that a device is configured correctly. Or easily enable messages to be turned on/off.

Thank you for your reply in advance!

Hi Brett,

Your spirit is strong :mechanical_arm: And I’d love to say yes for all of the feature requests we have. But that’s not really possible for us to implement everything at the same time on the same quality level.

So as you’ve predicted, currently, you can control the output from Reach devices via the app or Reach Panel only. We do in fact have in mind the development of the API, but that’s not on the radar in the nearest feature. It’s in our roadmap.

For checking Reach’s status, you can connect to the app. Or visibly control the LED status, if the unit is anywhere near. That’s it at the moment.

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