Syncronize Reach with camera trigger


I wan’t to figure out, if I can need reach.
I want to do the following:
I have a drone with a camera on it. And I want to know the location of the pictures I take. So I thought I could combine the the camera and Reach so that each time I take a picture Reach ‘takes the position’.
How difficult will it be and what do I need in addition to the Reach RTK Kit to implement this? I ask you this becaus I’am quite a newbie in this field and my programming skills are quit limited. In the forum I found out, that there are some ways to this, but I’am not sure if I have enouth programming skills and electronic skills to manage it. So do you provide a solution for this kind of problems or a tutorial how to do it? I feel if I would get a Reach I wouldn’t know where to start to solve my problem.
Thanks for help!

Hello Manuel,

We are working on adding exactly that feature to Reach. Out of the box drone mapping solution with precise image tagging. As soon as we are ready to release the update, we will make a tutorial how to use it.

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Any word on the photogrammetry function for Reach? I’ve got a pair of Reach modules and a swack of mapping drones to give it a go! Already modified a hot shoe cable for the Sony A6000 for the trigger event.

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