Synchronizing camera trigger to GPS position

I need to take photos and know exactly where they were taken in terms of centimeter precise GPS coordinates (using RTK). This probably goes back to RTKLIB being able to emit some kind of SW event (calling some callback function in C) or better even emit a HW trigger signal to a GPIO. Has anyone thought about this? Can this be solved somehow with Reach or with RTKLIB in general maybe by using different HW than Reach?

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There is a random delay between the command to trigger and the moment when the picture is actually taken, so synchronising the trigger with coordinates will not let you achieve maximum precision.

We are working on this. In short, proper method is to connect Reach time mark pin to camera hotshoe adapter. This way Reach can catch when camera is trying to trigger the flash and store precise time of the event. Time marks can be decoded to coordinates after the flight.


What camera are you talking about here? Did you try to connect a camera to the Edison? Maybe via SPI? Well, what I meant is using a proper camera that has no delay with external trigger (scientific Point Grey USB cameras for instance).

This sounds interesting and actually may work for a camera that has a strobe (flash/hotshoe) signal output but I still think it is easier to go the other way around - outputting a trigger signal from RTKLIB, if that is possible somehow…

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I think of a solution that could be used in Canon cameras with CHDK:

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CHDK, a trigger, and a cannon camera with a high continuous shooting fps produces excellent results.

I think the accuracy of the gps is more of a factor than the time difference between initiating the picture and when the shutter activates. A camera with 2.6fps(ish) continuous, running a script like KAP, produces a very usable result.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the topic?

I am interested in seeing how the referenced positioning of RTKLIB / Reach will increase accuracy.

I need help to understand if it’s possbile to give GNSS coordinates from my reach to the video acquired with Nikon Keymission 360




…any suggestion ?





TLDR: You need your camera to output a HW signal at the exact time when each frame is taken. This signal can be fed into Reach and Reach will record exact time mark which can be converted to coordinates later.

I doubt this Nikon camera can output such signals during video capture. Look for a camera that will be able to do so - like the Raspberry Pi camera (see this thread for details).