Sync multispectral camera with REACH

Hi, I wonder if anyone works a way out for synchronizing the camera and REACH accurately for drone mapping. The camera I am planning to use is the parrot sequoia multispectral camera, therefore CHDK or other solutions for popular cameras. While parrot states it features PTP/PTP-IP, there hasn’t been any API yet. Moreover, even if the pixhawk can trigger the camera, the delay between triggering and finally taking a photo would still be significant considering the precision of REACH. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated,

I’m currently going in this same direction, I will follow this thread with interest. Need to get a bird that will fly stable first :grinning:

it’s good to know that I am not alone :grinning:

We are talking to Micasense about integration with Reach. There is currently no eta, but we will make a proper announcement once it is done.

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Hi Igor, many thanks for the information. That’s very inspiring. I am planning to try with the REACH on the rover as a standalone Linux device to control the cam. however, I am not sure whether it will affect the functionality of the RTK (it requires certain computational power)? In other words, will the hardware of Edison be capable of handling other tasks while working for realtime corrections?


Reach is actually quite capable in terms of computing power. The only way RTK calculations will be hard to process in this case is with the dynamic filter turned on. That’s why it is only allowed with 5 Hz update frequency.

There should be no problem with tasks like camera controls.

Hi Egor, thanks for the update! Actually I was just about to ask if it’s possible by any chance to get higher refresh rate say 20HZ, which would be most useful for stamping accurate georeference for each photo, with assistance of post-processing? thanks,


At the moment 14Hz is the maximum we can do. This maybe overriden by turning off some of the GNS systems, but will likely not help achieve 20 Hz anyway. This is a receiver limitation, not tied to RTKLIB computation.

Has anyone successfully integrated REACH with Sequoia yet? Thanks

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