Swarming Capabilties

I am wondering if anyone has accomplished a swarm type setup using navio+. I see in mission planner it is supported. However I am wondering if anyone has successfully accomplished it. My end goal would be a plane giving coordinates to a quad to do closer investigation. The AGL would be static for the quad something like 2meters. The quad would then perform a loiter pattern within 10m radius capturing video and triggering a camera for stills. after it has successfully done this it will RTH.

So to outline better
1.Plane Issue Coordinates to quad
2.Quad auto launches to set coordinates.
3.Quad holds a 2m Altitude and performs a 10-20m flight path capturing Video and still photos
4.Quad RTH

The plane would be set to fly a mapping route over a set area. While the plane is still flying sensors and image processing on a secondary pi would designate areas of interest which would then send the coordinates to the quad.

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ive just got the navio+, but what youre trying to achieve seems really fascinating to me.
is there somehow i can follow your project? github or blog or something? (literally signed up to ask this

I will likely get some sort of blog together when I start really diving into it I will keep you updated

With the release of the navio2 hopefully I can acquire some navio+ at a discounted rate to further my project. I also think having the on tap more available resources of the navio2 will help this project immensely and may alleviate the need of flying two rpis in one machine to achieve proper image recognition.

The remaining pieces I had been waiting on to show up for my build have arrived today so ideally in the coming weeks should start to see some of the electronic side of it start to take place. The biggest issue I need to overcome is packaging it all into a very efficient flying platform.

Does anyone have any good information on gearing motors to achieve better performance out of lower kv motors. I think this would help accomplish better flight times.

Here is a link to a thread I have on rc groups that is likely where I will document most of what goes on


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@mosesgon great project! Please keep us updated:grinning:

does anyone know if a i2c splitter will work with the navio board
something like this

Yes, I have one of those and it works well.

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