Swarm Multi Drone Control

We are developing a multi-done working system which requires us to know the accurate location of each UAV in the net at all times. Each worker UAV transmits its location using EMLID Reach+ every second (heartbeat) to one base transceiver unit which also has RTK correction capability.

Our technical solution requires the following development for communication:

  1.   Each worker drone to be uniquely identified (ID).
  2.   This ID to be transmitted as part of the one second heartbeat to the base transceiver unit in addition to Height, Lat and Long.
  3.   The transceiver unit to receive messages from multiple worker UAV’s and combine into one output stream, delivered on a local network connection to the controller PC.
  4.   Depending upon the zone the worker drone is in, it will display a different coloured light. To do this the base transceiver must transmit to each/any drone a numeric signal (0-9) on demand.


Latency between the worker drone and receipt at the controller PC must not exceed 1 second; typical models of deployment would be between 20-40 drones.

Anybody that is able to offer a solution please let us know


This is a little out of my league but I have been tinkering with setting up my own NTRIP Caster with SNIP. I know you can get basic mapping functionality plotting base and rover clients in your NTRIP stream. I cannot speak for your latency requirements with this setup but it looks like from the site:

“As of release 1.5.0 (March 2017) SNIP has changed the way NTRIP Clients (rovers) are plotted to now show their recent reported position as tracks on the map. Now these maps are updated at a ½Hz rate as new NMEA-183 GGA sentences are obtained. Often NMEA-183 GGA sentences are only sent at slower rates (once every 5, 10, 30 seconds etc.)”

I do not know specifically if Reach sends a NMEA-183 GGA message or the structure under Reachview but I think they do if able to connect to virtual reference stations under NTRIP as I have done in my experience.

Not sure if this is of any help but cool concept. Hope it works out.

EDIT: This should incorporate into RTKNAVI

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