Swapping PPM channels?

Is there any possible way to swap ppm channels with some linux magic? Perhaps piping ch6 to ch5 or something along those lines? I’d happily lose a channel to do this!

My tx (9x) can only output 2 modes on channel 5, but 6 modes on channel 6. This was never a problem with pwm as you just ran a wire from rx ch6-> fc ch5. But with ppm… Im looking for an equivalent fix in software.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Auducopter doesn’t have any parameter to change the flight model channel. It’s fixed on ch5.

Maybe you could try mapping switches differently in your transmitter? Most txs allow that.

yeah, not possible with my stock firmware.

This is definitely possible to change in the code, but I would not recommend doing that. This sort of hacks never end up well.

I would probably just physically swap the switches on the tx. You can also use a PPM encoder between your RX and Navio, but this is not a clean solution either.