Surveying Relativity

Is it possible to have the survey points report elevations relative to the base position? This could possibly relieve the need for localization in allot of cases if the software could use the angle and distance to provide an observation values +/- the value of the base’s position. Regardless if setup on a known point or not the user could define an elevation for the base and have all the shots report real world values.

so to my understanding; it seems like angle and distance for RTK are based on the difference between two geographic coordinates; the base and the rover. so you just have to have the conversion factors up front for the rover to be able to calculate the ground level distance/direction/angle to the base and from there same to all other points. as for elevation what your saying sounds right.

It seems like the simple kind of trig that a total station can do with just slope angle and horizontal distance… Direction is irrelevant. Maybe I think it is simple because of the way it works in a localization.

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