Surveying not straight things and heading

Say you want to survey a path or an area that’s not just strait lines. Is there anyway in survey to log/draw your position say every couple seconds as your walking along it to later export as a shp file? Any other app recommended?

Also is there anyway for survey to show degree heading from your stake out point?

Check out free demo of FieldGenius Support>Helpdesk

They have a full featured Windows demo (30 point limit) and Android that is WIP. I prefer the finished Windows version. There is a lot to it, but it’s not basic like Emlid Flow where that is going to take a long time to see features we need now.

There are many apps out there. Search the community for info. SurPad, SurvX, Carlson Layout, Carlson SurvCE, Carlson SurvPC, chinese variations such as Survey Master, but newer versions may not work even with NMEA and Emlid.

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Also, consider that if you post-process (PPK), then you get a point every epoch. So you can set your rover’s GNSS rate to 1Hz to give you 1 point per second, or even faster if you like.

You could start recording the log-file when you start surveying your path, then stop recording the log-file when you are finished.

At the office, take your UBX-raw-data or RINEX-log-files and post-process with Emlid Studio or RTKLIB, then take the position-file from there and import into, e.g. QGIS, and from there you are free to export as Shapefile, etc.


Or, if you have good enough cellular/LoRa reception to do RTK for your whole path, then save some steps, and with QGIS, open the .LLH from your Emlid Flow log-files, then export as Shapefile, etc.

This screenshot example is not QGIS, but just a simple XY plot (or “chart”) that was created after opening a .LLH file as a spreadsheet, that shows the path of that .LLH file.


Thank you all, this is very helpful! We do have the ability to do RTK with 2 rs2+'s. The llh method seems easiest, I’ll have to play around with it.

Looking at the refresh rate, 1hz is the lowest option I see, which a point every second should be plenty good enough.

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