Surveying Bearings

First of all, I’m so glad to see some tools available in emlid flow app v.10.3.

Currently we have to convert all of our survey bearings to azimuth to use these features, it’s a bit of a headache It would be great if there was an angular unit’s option for survey bearings E.g. N 89.5959 W

It’s not a big deal if you only have to do a few but when you have hundreds of lines to deal with it gets annoying and slows the workflow significantly.

pretty much any land surveying app in the business has this as an option, so I would love to see it at some point in this great app! it’s truly a joy to use overall.

as a side note if the above is not an option the ability to select the azimuth between two points in the traverse tool would also be invaluable at least it would allow us to locate two points for a reference and use that to calc some quick and dirty points to find corners.

Thanks for all your hard work you guys are amazing!

Hi Aaron, Welcome to the community!

We are glad to hear that you enjoy using our app, and like to hear your feedback to improve our products.

Could you share more details about your workflow for this? Do you want to select some azimuth intervals between two points? Is it an intersection?

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