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Does anyone know if the Emlid Reach RS2 is compatible with Spectra Precision Survey Pro. Has anyone used it with this software?

I think this is going to lead in a similar direction of custom antennas. If you can configure a generic nmea dgps device it should work.

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I haven’t used survey Pro but Trimble Ag just came out with a Android app that it does work with. The app is Trimble WM-Survey II. You have to bluetooth your tablet to the RS2, use Lefebure NTRIP and enable mock locations.

I’ve reached out to the retailer that I bought my Spectra Ranger 3 running Survey Pro 5.5 and asked. I’m waiting to hear back from them, but since I told them what I’m trying to connect to, they might not be interested in helping.
I use the data collector in conjunction with my Nikon Nivo total station.


How does the GPS connect to it? Is it bluetooth enabled? Does it only permit Trimble receivers? I know the old WM-Survey was similar to a construction app and it only permitted Trimble receivers

Mine would connect via Bluetooth. As far as I know, as I don’t have the GNSS module turned on to attempt, it will connect to a variety of supported units, but can’t find anything on Reach. Don’t want to spent $800 to activate the module and then it not be able to utilize it.

Hi all,

We didn’t conduct tests with the Spectra Precision Survey Pro. However, if this software supports NMEA input over Bluetooth, there should be no issues to integrate it with Reach RS2.

As I’ve checked, Spectra Precision Survey Pro is used on the Spectra controllers. So you just need to pair this device with Reach first. This guide describes how to pair the devices using Bluetooth.

@rfreedii, we’ll be happy if you share the answer from the Survey Pro support.


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