Survey Mode : ReachView not reloading after manual acquisition

Got the issue with 2.14.0 the first time.
And again with 2.16.1 just now.

Steps :

  • Survey mode with project loaded (default settings)
  • I click ‘+’ to add a point
  • Then ‘Collect’
  • I click ‘Accept’ : so I don’t wait for the conditions to be filled (precision, time)
  • ReachView prints its waiting icon, button goes into ‘saving’ state, point seems to be saved but the screen is still in waiting mode. It never exits nor goes back to survey mode for acquiring next point. It just stalls.
  • I notice in the console that the websocket connection is lost : I have to refresh my browser to access survey mode again.

Can someone reproduce it ? It’s very annoying as I can’t acquire points without reloading the whole app in between.

Bug happens with Firefox 63.0.
On Chrome 70.0 it quickly shows a warning “Unable to connect to Reach …”, which then disappears. But it stalls the same way afterwards.

I use a ReachModule (edison based)

Emlid, are you able to reproduce ?


Can you please confirm this happens with every new project? Or is this problem specific to the one you have already created?


It happened with a new project each time.
I didn’t try with an old project created from an old version of ReachView (< 2.14.0)

Hi @guillaug,

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the described issue.
Can I ask you to test it on another PC, please?

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