Survey menu error

Hello. Why I get an error (loading icon always spinning) in survey menu after update reachview?

Hi @dicky,

Could you please send us the full system report to It will help us to investigate this issue.

Do I get it right that rebooting doesn’t help?

Hi @andrew.belov, thank you for your reply. How to get full report system?


To generate a Full System report, you should do the following:

  1. In the ReachView 3 app, go to the Settings
  2. Then open General and find the System Report bar
  3. In the pop-down menu, choose to Generate Full report

The report will be saved on your device.

I try reach this morning, and I can open survey menu smoothly. Do I still have to get the report full system?

Hi @dicky,

Could you please generate a Full System report and send us to We would like to investigate the reason that caused your issue. It could help us prevent such issues in the future.

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