Survey Export Failing

One of my survey projects is failing to export to any data format. I am also unable to open the project. When I attempt to export data it will just seem to lag with a box that says ‘export in progress. Please wait’. There are only 5 data points so it shouldn’t take long to export, but data will never export. This happens in both the browser and the app. The surveying in the field went well and I was able to export a separate project from that day.

I saw in a previous thread that there was a bug where if you shut down the RS2 before closing out of the survey project it can corrupt the data. That post was from 2017 so I’m wondering if anyone knows if that’s still a bug?

Thank you.

Which version of ReachView were you running when you collected those points? Has the ReachView version been updated since then?


Using version 2.20.7. ReachView has not been updated since then as I believe it is the most current version.
Thank you

Hi Emma,

Sorry for the delayed response!

May I ask you, just to clarify, if you can recall what firmware version you were running on specifically when the project was created and the points were collected? Was it v2.20.7 already or an earlier version?

At the moment, it’s difficult to say anything for sure as we need more information to understand why this happened. Would you mind sharing the Full System Report with me in PM for a closer look? It’d help us investigate the issue and check what we can do.

Hi Polina,
It was v2.20.7 when the project was created. I’m unable to even open up the project to export the full system report, unfortunately. I’ve used the units since with no issues so I’m not exactly sure happened with this project.

FYI: Full System Report is not part of the survey project. You can find it in the main settings menu (gear icon).

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Hi Emma,

Thanks for the reply!

To understand what happened with the Survey project and what was the reason for it, it’d be helpful if you could send the Full System Report to me in PM.

As @bide has mentioned, it’s not part of the Survey Project and has to be generated in the “Settings” tab. You could follow this guide to find out how to generate the FSR.

Thanks for the info! I just PM’d you my Full System Report. Thank you for the help!

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the report!

We’ll look into it and I’ll reach out to you with the results :hugs:

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your patience!

We’ll fix this issue in the next firmware release.

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