Survey Export - Download Unsuccessful

I love the new Survey tool, and collected some points yesterday, this is the tool I’ve been waiting for a long time, the collection part worked perfectly!

The only issue I have is when I try to export the survey points to shapefile format (also tried the other formats),
the only file that’s downloaded to my phone is “last_exported.bin”, and my phone does not recognize the file format
and keeps stating the file is corrupted or the download was unsuccessful.

Am I missing a setting on either the Reach or my phone or something else that’s causing this?


I have similar error. Impossible to export points to .shp!

Not sure if it matters, but I’m running the ReachView App on an Android phone. I’ve tried creating several test survey projects with various settings (changing everything I can find), and no matter what I do, it only exports the “last_exported.bin” file each time. When you inspect the collected points, all have coordinates, so I don’t think its a collection issue at all.

Has anyone successfully exported points to a shapefile from any device yet?

RS or Reach unit?

I’m using a Reach Unit without a base(I only post process correct), wondering if the survey tool only works in RTK mode only?

And running reachview 2.6.0?
Tried with mine, no issues here. Both phone and pc works fine with Chrome

Should work anyway, in singel mode too

Edit: do you have a screenshot of this?

Yes, I’m running 2.6.0 in single mode for testing.

You brought up Chrome and that got me thinking, maybe its just the browser on my phone, and sure enough it is!

I have a Samsung Note 4, when using the default browser, downloads fail each time, so I opened the ReachView App with Chrome on my phone, and voila, shapefiles export perfectly every time!



I’m having a similar problem. Took 10 points fine yesterday, which persisted across reboots and I could add more each reboot when necessary.

I went to download them today, and it hangs on “Project Export” pop up. I have tried clicking on the blue project name hyperlink, as well as the open project button. Another project I created yesterday works fine, but I didn’t record any points in it. I get no error messages, just a hang or no response.

I’ve tried Firefox and chrome on laptop, and firefox on my android phone, as well as reboots of the reach.

I’m running reachview 2.7.3-r0. I don’t have my GPS antenna attached and I am indoors, nothing else plugged in, accessing reach via home network.

Is it possible to SSH into the reach and access the project via the linux filesystem? Should I update to 2.7.4 and hope it fixes it by chance? Can I access them via USB-PC?


I use an iPad in the field to collect points, but I connect to my Reach units with a laptop back in the office in order to download data. This doesn’t pertain to your issue, but Apple products in particular seem to struggle with downloading data if they don’t have an app that will recognize it, and many are incapable of accepting zipped folders. I haven’t tried to download Reach data onto my Android phone yet, though. Worth a test.

@Fenrir, I don’t think there’s a way to access the files over USB. That’s strange that your files don’t want to export, though. Maybe give the update a shot? Can’t hurt to try.

You can try this. Linux is only required for the USB part. You can still access Reach with IP address on Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior occurs when the files get corrupt. If my guess is right, the file containing geodata will be empty. This may happen when shutting Reach down by unplugging it. I’ve been tracking the issue for several weeks and finally managed to find an error in one of the open source libraries we use. The reason files become corrupt should be gone in the next update.

Thanks. If anyone else is following that doc, note that it is no longer reach@x.x.x.x, it is instead root@x.x.x.x with password: emlidreach .

I found ~/surveying/ with my expected survey folders, with a unique ID for each as the directory name. Each survey contains geodata.geojson and metadata.json. metadata.json contains project settings, and I assume geodata contains point information. Unfortunately, my geodata.json appears to be empty when opened in vim, so it looks like I’ve lost my points.

I’ll download my logs and work out where I stood around collecting the points I guess.

Ps. “time created” in metadata is a unix timestamp.

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