Survey CSV File Explained

Just looking for advice/ confirmation regarding understanding the data created in the CSV file when surveying a point. I use an NTRIP for corrections and have a fix when surveying a point. Quite often, I am only surveying my base position, sometimes GCPs also. I open the file no problem but have always assumed that, starting from the left hand columns, that this is the ‘uncorrected data’ and at the far right of the sheet is the ‘corrected’ data?
Just checking :slight_smile:

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Hi Tony,

The columns of the left side (Easting, Northing, Elevation) show the actual corrected position of your rover. The columns at the far right of the sheet (Base easting, Base northing, Base elevation) are the position of the static base connected to your rover.

It could be your own base or one of the NTRIP bases. As you see, these coordinates are the same until you relocate your own base or connect to another base of the NTRIP service.

Thank you so much Zoltan,

Makes complete sense.

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