Survey Base Position through Browser GUI (IP address)

I am working in a radio-frequency congested environment where I need to establish a base position. I am finding the connection to the RS2 via Bluetooth, WiFi or hotspot very unreliable when trying to survey in a base position. It would be ideal if I could access a survey menu via the browser (via the IP address), survey the position then configure the base position etc. I can then connect the base to a network via a serial cable which is obviously super reliable. Does anyone have any insights?

Why not log static and post process ? You can manually perform yourself with either ES or use commercial software which I do mostly every day.

You could also use any of the free online services. Once computed you’d have a precise position to use for your base.

Hi Robert,

You can connect to Reach via an IP address. You need to be connected to the same network on the device as Reach. In the Reach Panel, you can set base settings, among other things:

I am finding the connection to the RS2 via Bluetooth, WiFi or hotspot very unreliable

Can you tell me more about that? What kind of issues do you face? What kind of mobile device do you have?

Hey Rob, are you trying ntrip via bluetooth rather than the usual ntrip via wifi network to establish the base via geosciences rtk network?

Have you spoken to Alistair at Mangoesmapping about the output via serial cable to run back to the base pc?

Hi Cam,

I only need the NTRIP link for 2 mins to survey in a base position. After that, I am just outputting base position either via WiFi or a serial cable.

I was relying on WiFi as it’s cableless and was letting me put the receiver in a better position to view the sky, but I only get access to that position 5 mins before I need to establish a fix etc. I think with repeated trial and error I have managed to isolate / replicate this issue to being due to moving the base. It seems to cause a temporary issue in the stability of the WiFi link. I am only moving it ~17m away from a very high quality long-range access point, which is solid once stable, but I am starting to think the Emlid internal access point wasn’t designed for this, especially in high RF environments. If I leave it close to the AP and don’t move anything, it is solid all day. The compromise being the sky is slightly obscured by a building, but it’s proven to be adequate.

If you have any contacts at Mangoes Mapping, I’d love to talk to them. I have bought a serial DB9 connector from them, but haven’t managed to get it to work. I suspect I need to install some windows drivers.




Can you share more about your workflow? What is your end goal? How do you see your setup?