Survey app suggestion for local horizontal / geoid height datum support?

Hi all,

Can anyone provide recommendations for an android-based bluetooth GPS app that can provide real-time geoid translations to convert ellipsoidal height to the local vertical datum in North America (NAVD88 based on Geoid 12a/b). Something similar to Mobile Topographer but with the Ideally the app collect point data averaging over three minutes or so to set control and check benchmarks. Also it would preferably convert lat long to local horizontal datum (state plane).

I am using a Reach RS receiving NTRIP corrections through a wifi hotspot.


Hello paredes831,
I use Mobile Topographer Pro, this should be able to do what you require. You can download it for around $20.

You will also require NTRIP client, there is a set up guide for if it somewhere on this forum. I will try to find it and post it.

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