SurvCE Integration with NTRIP corrections

Hello all,

So I am a newbie when it comes to GPS surveying. I have many years of Total Station Surveying but GPS is a whole new ball game for me. I have 2 Reach RS units one rover, one base. I plan on using my rover with an NTRIP server when possible. I also have a data collector with SurvCE. The question that I have is does it make any difference for the RS unit to receive the NTRIP connections and push the data through to SurvCE through bluetooth, or having SurvCE set up with the NTRIP information and push it through bluetooth to the RS Unit. I was curious if it will be the same result or if there is a preferred method. Thanks again!

Hi @pj3346,

I’d recommend you to get the corrections from NTRIP directly on Reach and then output the solution to SurvCE data collector.

The following guides should be of help:

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Hi all,

You’ll get the new updates even three years into the thread :sweat_smile:

What I wanted to note here is that you can always check out the surveying with our ReachView 3 app: various coordinate systems including the custom ones, user-friendly interface, updated bull’s-eye stakeout feature, BLE connection, NTRIP support and so many new features to come! Give it a shot :slight_smile: