SurvCE and Reach RS+ No Corrections

I am trying to get my nomad 800 connected to my RS+ using SurvCE. I can connect to it with bluetooth, but Survce doesn’t seem to process the NMEA data. It just says no data from receiver. Any help would be appreciated. The collector shows as connected in reachview, but the sat view has no data when connected.

Hello Aj,

Could you confirm you have a solution status on Reach RS+?

What profile do you use in SurvCE, is it Generic NMEA? What software version is that?

I figured it out. I had the RS+ on the window sill just trying to get it connected. It looks like the RS+ doesn’t transmit any data unless it has at least an autonomous position. So I was getting the error ‘no response from receiver’, simply because it wasn’t sending anything. I feel pretty silly, but if anyone else experiences this, that is the answer.

Hi Aj,

Yes, Reach requires getting at least a single solution to output the NMEA position.