Surpad4 2and Emlid RS2

Hello everybody . So I have some difficulties connecting Emlid Reach RS2 with Surpad via Bluetooth only. And generally, when I do the implantation of lines, I almost always lose the fix after a few minutes. I saw a video on Youtube by Felipe Dominguez on how to Connect Emlid RS2 to SurveyMaster. And I decided to try the same for Surpad4.2. I apologize in advance if by chance someone has found a better way to connect the Surpad with RS2.

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I don’t think you should have both bluetooth and TCP position output.
Disable TCP output and use only bluetooth position output.
In surpad you can set GENERIC NMEA rover and then it only reads the output from rs2.
I don’t use surpad with emlid (i have M2) but in some older tests with surpad 4.0 it was working like that.
I see from your video that surpad 4.2 has native rs2 support (you can select emlid manufacturer and rs2 model) so maybe in your case you should use only tcp output and not bluetooth?


If you connect via tcp, you can’t modify it through ntrip

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