Surpad 4 has tilt?

I’m interested in the Surpad 4.0 app and it’s also sold with Reach on some places.

It has a tilt algorithm but I can’t find what it needs to be able to work.

Maybe you can contact them and see how you can make it work?

In order to use tilt the receiver has to have this functionality. The Surpad just reads the tilt data provided by the receiver.
RS2 does not provide tilt functionality.

Hi Andreas,

@vgo195 is fully correct on this one. To use the functionality in the software, you need to have the data coming from the receiver. And we don’t supply any IMU data from the device. That’s because the IMU is not used in the internal calculations.

To survey with Reach, you need to position it directly above the point you’d like to collect. This is the question of the pole you use and its leveling system. So I’m shamelessly throwing our survey pole here just for your consideration :smirk:


Well I can’t get it in Sweden.

It’s true that you can’t order the survey pole directly to Sweden. However, we have at least three dealers in Sweden that can help you with it. I’ll list them below:

In case none of them has a survey pole in stock, you can still contact our all-European dealer General Laser to check if they have any. The pole is here.

Getting a different pole, it’s just as good.

True :slight_smile:

The pole I’m getting probably can take more beating.

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