Surface elevation mapping program suggestion

Reach RS+ should arrive in 5 days. I want to do some simple mapping of soil surface profile on a 15 acre field. I should be able to easily gather lat, long, altitude over the area with random concentration on the low areas.
Suggestions on the best software to simply load the data to and view much like Google Maps with ability to tilt, rotate, etc? Free is best. Not wanting to invest a lot on this project. Thanks,

The data that you are going to get are points so unless you collect ALLOT it going to be a pretty unimpressive result unless you are going to create a trimesh. XYZ Mesh will allow you to turn small datasets into 3D Excel graphs. You could also try something like LiDAR View which is designed for large datasets from a point cloud or laser scan. Rhino is another great piece of free software, but has a pretty steep learning curve.

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tRY QGIS itis free software… you can easily import your data and create a contour lines.

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Hi @N0UU,

I’d also recommend you QGIS for your workflow. It’s popular, has good docs and a lot of external modules for different needs. As a result, it’s quite easy to find an answer on most of the questions just by googling.

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