Support ublox output in reach m+ for autopilot


Is there possible to Emlid support UBLOX format output ? some autopilots dont support NMEA or ERB format.

Hi Mohammad,

Do you mean raw observations data output in UBX format?

some autopilots dont support NMEA or ERB format.

Please note that Reach also supports LLH, XYZ, and ENU formats for Position output.

No, i mean using ubx binary protocol for output . protocol of ordinary pixhawk GPS like this gps :

Hi @Mohammad,

Thanks for the clarification! In the meantime, we don’t have plans for adding UBX to Position output options. However, your request is noted.

why ? it can improve the reach and user need it.

Hi Mohammad,

It indeed might be useful feature. However, we haven’t received such requests before. Now, I’ve passed this to the team, and we’ll consider that.

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