Support of GVX Format - Update

Following up on the topic if the GVX Format of submitting to OPUS will be incorporated?

This is in regards to the RS2.

Hi @richard.allen,

We’re still investigating the possibility of implementation the GVX format in our receivers. At this time, we don’t have ETA.

The format is designed for storing and sharing GNSS vector data. It seems to be used in the latest versions of OPUS Projects software. The OPUS positioning tool still uses the RINEX format for calculations.

Can you share with us if you use OPUS projects in your workflow? Will the implementation of the GVX format be helpful for you?

Hi @andrew.belov,

We do submit to OPUS Projects and with the upcoming datum changes coming, more will be doing so to work within the National Spatial Reference System. We are using OPUS Shares now but when OPUS Projects gets out of Beta and allows RTK submission to the NSRS it will be important to have the capability. I am a Topcon user currently but am looking to purchase a Emlid RS2 RTK or even the Survey package of two receivers. I want to use it for static observations and for mapping with Esri Collector.

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Quite a detailed answer. Thanks for the elaboration!

I’ve passed your feedback to the team. It’ll help us in planning new features for our devices.


I did buy a Reach RS2 receiver yesterday and will try the receiver out before buying another one. The capability for GVX Format will be important on purchasing other receivers. Keep me updated if it does come about. Thanks!

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@richard.allen, that was fast! :slight_smile:

Sure! I’ll let you know if I have any news.

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Thank you!

Agreed. Having the GVX format option will be important for us in the future.


I will +1 the profound importance of GVX format availability; it may well be essential in the not-too-distant future.

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