Supplying permanent power to Reach RS2

We are trying to run a Reach RS2 base in a campus location. When we connect the power cable (Reach RS+/RS2 cable 2m) the device does not charge. It does charge from the USB port.
has anyone seen this issue before?


Hi Fergal,

Please double check the pinout scheme to make sure power is supplied correctly. What are the specs of your power source?

When i got my cable from with a usb end on it so i could plug it into any usb he had to configure the wires a bit . He used this cable and made a usb end onto it . The other cable are meant for sending data stream but will not charge at the same time .

We have followed the same wiring, the device powers up when you attach the cable but it does not charge and stops working when the battery runs down.
Any ideas?

What are your power supply specs? Voltage and current rating?

9v 2amp.

And cable length?


Please measure voltage on the connector end that you plug into RS2.

It is reading 9V.

With cable plugged in, could you please click on the battery icon in ReachView and send us a screenshot?

Thanks for the help. It turns out we were unlucky with our PSUs. We tested with a bench power supply and all is fine now.



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