Super Offer! REACH RTK KIT For Sale!


I’ve bought the Emlid Reach RTK Kit in July because I planned to build a new Quad.
My plans has changed, as I received a different job offer and I’m taking it.

I’ve used the kit twice. I updated it, labelled Base & Rover, checked if it’s working correctly. Everything works just fine.
Then I put it in the closet and it sit there for last two months. I know, that wouldn’t change soon, so it will be better to sell it.

I’m selling the whole kit, with every single part, cable, box, foil. Just as if you’d buy the new kit from here for 570 dollar.
I can make any tests you want, record a video, take more pictures. I can assure you, I used it twice and everything is working.
Also, I can add for free two custom made copper plates, which I prepared. They make the signal much better. It will save you a lot of time.
Also, I can add two tripods for free!* But only if the shipping with it will be profitable.

I’m based in Europe, Poland. Soon, I’ll be moving to Germany. I can send it from any of those places.
I can put it on ebay or any other auction to make the transaction.
Also, we can discuss different options.

If you wanted to buy it from here you’d have to pay 570 + customs = ~690 dollars.

I can sell it for 475 dollars to slight negotiation.

Contact me here or or 0048 737 302 427 or

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Emlid Reach Team, can you help me to assist with the transaction? If somebody is looking for a special offer please direct them to me!

did you already sold them?