Subscription two accounts, same email

Hi there.

I have started a subscription to the survey plan in flow. It appears however I have two accounts on the same email address. The one I thought I had is still basic, but if I log in on my phone browser it opens a different account which has the subscription. Is it possible to get this rectified to just one account? I can let you know which one over a private support if possible, as I have some data I need to keep alive.

Many thanks
Scott Mitchell

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Hi Scott,

This can happen if one of your accounts is created using an email address and password while the second is authorized via Google/Facebook.

To avoid confusion with them, just check which way gives you access to the account with a subscription and keep using it.

If it doesn’t help, please share your account’s email address with me via

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Hi Julia

Thanks for the info, that makes sense to me. I have swapped the subscription over but have some issues syncing my account on the phone to carry the plan over to the field side. I’ll email the support to conitnue to conversation there.

Thanks again

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Hi there,

Just wanted to say that the issue with the account access is solved now. But if you’re experiencing something similar, please check that you’re logging in to your account in the same way as you initially did: either via email/password or via Google.

If the issue persists after that, please write to us at with the email address of your account. We will help you out.


Thanks to the team for their help Julia. It seems to be fixed. Just have to be wary of the login credentials, which is where the issue came from I think.


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