Stupid question on WiFi and 3G simultaneously


I am doing my first tests and while I am connected to reachview via WiFi, I cannot download maps not use the CORS station because the 4G connection is disabled. How do you do that? I can see the Bluetooth option but I suppose that it is only for using reach-rs+ as a Bluetooth GPS for other planning software, is it?

So, can I get data connection while also being connected to the reach unit and make use of reachview? Perhaps it would be nice to ReachView to be able work through Bluetooth.


yeah its kinda a funky thing with this system but once you get it down its ok. when doing ntrip i find i have to use two controllers with the one reach. i set my cell phone (controller 1) as a hotspot (i mount it on my survey pole). then i connect with controller 2 (lately a LG v20 without a cell contract) to the reach unit which is acting as its own hotspot. with controller 2 i connect the reach unit to the hotspot, then i connect to the hotspot and reconnect to the reach unit. i know wacky right, but its the only way i have been able to make it work.

I use one smartphone, which has hotspot enabled and Reach connects to it. As opposite to, I do not use 2 smartphones for connection. I am just doing everything fast on one device. :slight_smile:


Hi @jrbcast,

Reach requires the Internet connection to provide maps and get corrections from CORS station.

You just need to connect your Reach device to Wi-Fi network with Internet access, for example, to your phone hotspot.

Check the tutorial “Connecting Reach to the Internet” in our docs, it details the workflow.


yeah i might be doing it the complex way, ill have to recheck that, so far my devices with cell service are both android/verizon and they seemed to not like being on wifi at the same time as being a hotspot.

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