Stuck on Update

How long should the 2.23.9 update take? I have an RS2 that has been updating for an hour I dont know weather to reboot it or not

I had two receivers do the same thing. Rebooting showed the correct version on mine.

Just updated my RS2 to the same 2.23.9. Didn’t experience any issues.

Thanks just rebooted it seems fine


Hi Jed,

Just want to point out that firmware updates are capacious enough. So such issues are usually related to Wi-Fi signal strength. I’d suggest keeping the device close to your Wi-Fi router during the update process.

Please let me know if you face any difficulties.

I tried several Wi-Fi and brought RS+ close to router but still could not get RS+ updated to this version.

Internet was NOT the issue for my RS+

Hi @l3technologycambodia,

Please email us on with the Full system report from your unit. We’ll try to figure out what might be wrong.

Hi there,

I’m here to let you know that we’ve fixed the issue with the updating process. Everything should work just fine now.


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