Stuck on loading after update to 31

Hi emlid support. I got stuck on my RS+, just loading. That happened after I update via click update in reachview using laptop. I have to reflashing using reflashing software, but failed . Is there any solution for this?
Thank you.

Hey @dicky,

That’s unfortunate that this happened with your device, let’s see what we can do here. At which stage during reflashing does the process fail?

Please send us the serial number of the receiver (it’s printed on the bottom under the bar code) and the order date to

Hi @tatiana.andreeva thank you for your response.
This is step I got failed when reflashing RS+

I have 2 reach RS+, one S/N is missing letter, one S/N is blurry, the stuck reach RS is missing letter.
When failed reflashing, I save the log data. (70.9 KB)

I think u can get the serial number using ReachView / Flow app.

I hope I could see it in reachview, and my problem was solved.

Hi @emlidreach @support1 @tatiana.andreeva any ideas got my reach RS+ recover?

0:21 in seems odd.

Do u have a internet connection so it can check and get proper firmware image?

That may be the problem.

I think u can manually download firware too… but may get more recent version if u let the uodater do it?

Update the updater also to latest. Try again.

Hi @dicky,

For reflashing, I’d recommend:

  • Checking the Internet access on the PC

  • Using other USB cables and ports

  • Disconnecting all other devices connected via USB to your PC

  • Using the Flash tool on another PC, if you have one

If reflashing still fails, please send the invoice for the receiver to As for the Serial number, which of them is the number of this receiver? Even if you can provide a part of it that’s still visible, it can be of help.

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Hi @kseniia.suzdaltseva unfortunatley I still got failed reflashed my reach RS+. And I still got just loading led.


I see, thank you for checking! Can you please send the unit’s Serial number and invoice to If you sent them before, please let me know your email address, and we’ll find them.

That’s the problem, I have this units for long time, and the serial number has been disappeared.
My email is
I have sent the invoice I got from my email to


Received it, thank you!

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