Struggle to get a fix with emlid studio


It’s the first Time i’ve worked in ppk.

Here is the way i’ve worked :

The base is an rs+ with ntrip corection in good condition.

The rover is an rs2+ working in single solution in less good condition but not so bad.

I’ve handeled to obtain 82,6% of fix points with emlid studio

On the other hand, the corrected csv has no fix points created

I can send all the folders (raw, csv)

Thanks for tour help !


Hi Fabian,

The files could be of great help! You can post the links here or, if you don’t want to share them publicly, just drop the files to and we’ll take a look.

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to update here that the issue was resolved via email. When you capture points in Emlid Flow for Stop&Go mode, please use averaging timer, not instant collecting. If the averaging start and averaging end are the same, Emlid Studio won’t process such a CSV file.