Streaming location data from RS2

I am a developer, looking to integrate location data into my development stack. Does anyone have experience of streaming location data and storing it in a database? Ideally using Python into MySQL. I guess I just need a little guidance setting up the script that the RS2 streams to.

Hi @t.p.plumb,

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Can’t really be of help with the code on the receiving side. I believe it’ll depend on what hardware you use to receive the position. In that respect, our users with experience on it can be more helpful.

Still, I can throw some ideas on the position output from Reach RS2. It’s quite simple, to be honest. You just go to the ReachView 3 setting, choose the correct position output method (Serial via USB for you, from what I can gather), and set the correct baud rate. Voila, the position streaming is on. No programming skills required. The formats and other methods are described in our docs.

We don’t necessarily recommend running the code on Reach itself. We’ve introduced the easy interface of ReachView 3: there you have everything needed to set up the position streaming.

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