Strange time stamps

When logging and taking images, the M2 is marking these as Jan 6, 1980 in the time marks. What is going on lol?

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All day I got those strange time marks, but now nothing. The green led is flashing slowly, which would be time sync. No solution, not even single.

Update. I attached a Holybro helical antenna and it stopped the time sync led. Put the Emlid helical back on and it worked. But everything but one or two bars are yellow. Would the Holybro helical antenna from a DroneCAN H-RTK F9P work ok?

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Hi Shaun,

From your description, I’d say that the receiver didn’t see satellites because of a loose antenna connection. So, it should work well from now on.

You can use Reach with our helical antenna or 3rd-party antennas that meet these requirements:

  • Antenna output current no more than 100 mA

  • Antenna DC bias no more than 3.3 V

But everything but one or two bars are yellow.

Usually, the satellite signals become more noisy if the sky view is partially blocked or there’s a source of RF interference nearby. What’s your environment and setup?

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