Strange GPS readings

I’m working through the example code and I have some strange results from the GPS module. The example runs ok and produces a location. Even after a few minutes the latitude and longitude place it 111km above Eastern Europe (if I read it correctly), when I’m actually in the UK!

Current location data:  
iTOW: 429558.000000  
Latitude: 46.319434  
Longitude: 44.424744  
Height: 111398.870000  
Current location data:  
iTOW: 429559.000000  
Latitude: 46.602330  
Longitude: 44.902365  
Height: 112453.800000  
Current location data:  
iTOW: 429560.000000  
Latitude: 46.315371  
Longitude: 44.433662  
Height: 111383.720000  
Current location data:  
iTOW: 429561.000000  
Latitude: 46.313338  
Longitude: 44.438121  
Height: 111376.140000

Why would this be?

Hi Xian,
there’s probably something wrong with data formats in the example, we’ll check it out and fix it.

We’ve tested the code and we found that the height was in decimeters above the ellipsoid, we’ll change that to meters. But Lat and Lon have been detected correctly. Your coordinates are probably wrong because you didn’t get a GPS fix. Try to connect to the receiver using U-center and check if you see enough satellites in your place, here are the instructions how to do this.

I think it was a case of not getting a fix, trying again with a better view of the sky gave good results. I’ll try U-center and let you know how it goes.


It works well with the U-Center software :slight_smile:

We have updated the GPS example to display fix status for easier interaction.

My configuration is Navio+ and Rspberry Pi 2.
Unfortunately, GPS has no lock in Japan.
Do you have any configuration file to upload from u-center ?


I am sure that it should work it Japan, there is no need for any configuration files. Have you connected the antenna and put it under clear sky? How exactly are you testing - example or APM? Please post a picture of your setup.

Hi ivereninov,

I have been trying to touch on configuration of GPS by u-center. I have APM2.0 and Pixhawks to compare with NAVIO+. Actually, GPS on NAVIO+ is working, but it is very low sensitivity.
I am afraid that 2.4GHz wifi dongle make it worth for poor reception of signal.
Anyway, here is my test bed.