Strange battery voltage values and no more board voltage in dataflash logs


I’m wondering why I’m having these flat lines with 22.5261 values for CURR.Volt (battery voltage)
and why I do not see anymore CURR.Vcc (board voltage) in my dataflash logs ?

RPi3/Navio2 AC-3.4
2016-11-18 15-50-25.bin (2.3 MB)

With previous versions like AC-3.4-rc1 I did not have these flat lines and I did have CURR.Volt

Hello Patrick!

Sorry it took us so long to reply.

I wouldn’t worry. It just means that ArduPilot tries to read values faster than ADC gets updated. That’s why you get the same results for short periods of time.

Could you please cat /sys/kernel/rcio/adc/ch0?