Storing "As staked" points

I was wondering if there was any consideration for a function to be added to the stakeout feature such as “store point” then it create a new point with the description auto populated with “point XX - as staked” for example.

I do alot of urban and semi rural road setouts where the construction team is provided with a level sheet and digital file confirming cut and fill measurement from the staked point on site, due marks onsite fading or disappearing and indicator pegs getting stolen.
Currently to get around this I am creating a second project file and storing the points in there once I’m level and over the mark based off the original file with the setout points in it. Although this is working fine for small jobs with the larger projects when setouts can be hundred of points its clunky having to chop and change between projects each time.

Previous surveying packages I have used have had a “store point” feature as part of the stakeout options within the original job file keeping all the data within one file and making export simpler. This also ensured that your staked point was properly labelled referencing the original point you staked out.

Otherwise fantastic bit of kit and great app for pickup.



Hi @Jake_Summerell,

Thank you for the detailed description of your use case!

We’ve included it in our roadmap, but we don’t have a specific timeframe for implementation at the moment. As soon as there are any updates, we’ll let you know.


Thanks @ruth.bongon I appreciate the consideration of this feature down the line.


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